Preserving Your Car’s Exterior

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Keep your car spot, dent, and ding free!

Cars are an investment with the average new car costing around $33,000 — this puts a large dent in anyone’s wallet! It’s vital that you care for your car and perform routine maintenance to keep it on the road in good condition, and this also includes tending to the exterior! 

At Auto Dent Pros, your car’s aesthetics is what we work with and how our paintless dent removal process can pull, smooth, and repair minor car dents. Learn more about caring for the exterior of your car in today’s post. 

Protecting Your Car’s Body

What your car looks like is a large reason you drive what you drive — aesthetics are one of the top reasons people will buy a specific model of car. And, if you care about what your car looks like, you’re going to pay special attention to it, ensuring that it always looks its best. Perhaps you’re even the kind of car owner that washes it weekly or spends your weekend detailing it!

What are the best ways to preserve your car’s exterior body? Let’s examine some ways below. 


While many people have the option to store their car either in a home garage, carport, or other covered parking, there are times your car will be exposed to the elements. You still have to run errands and park your car outside. 

The important thing to remember is where you should park your car. If you’re going to a busy office center, you may want to park on the outskirts of the lot to avoid any potential fender benders, and, going against popular opinion, you should avoid parking under trees. 

Why not park under a tree? People love parking under trees for their shade, and after all, it preserves the paint, right? Not necessarily. Yes, it does protect your car from damaging UV rays that can warp your paint job, but you may be contending with something even more sinister — tree sap. 

Tree sap can drip onto your car and damage the body as a result of its sticky sap that leaves acids that eat away at your car’s finish, and eventually the paint. 

In the end, avoid trees, and if you do get sap on your car, be sure to wash and remove it promptly.


Extended sun exposure is damaging to just about everything, including your car. The more your car is exposed to prolonged UV light, the more likely you’ll acquire damage. 

The sun can also be insidious for causing fender benders that leave your car with dents and dings as a result of their glare. The sun can block a clear view of the road or parking lots, causing people to misjudge where other cars are at. 

To avoid car damage from the sun, park in covered areas as much as possible, and when driving, be extra cautious and invest in a good pair of sunglasses!

Birds and Bugs

We all know and fear bird droppings! They seem to appear out of nowhere and cause unsightly marks on an otherwise blemish-free shine! Bird droppings can also be a huge issue for your car’s paint because the acids can slowly damage the color. Failing to wash your car can result in potential damage such as bubbling, etching, discoloration, etc.. 

Bugs can also put your car’s exterior at risk. Although dead bugs look like they’ve been demolished at fast speeds, the remnants they leave can affect the integrity of your paint. Insect secretions react with moisture and heat, causing permanent damage to the body of your car. 


Hail storms come swiftly and if you’re driving or are parked outside, there’s a good chance you won’t have time to get out of it. A bad hail storm can total your car leaving dents and dings all over the body of your car that affects its resale value. Hail damage is bad news for cars. 

The best way to prevent hail damage is to keep your car from being exposed — park in a parking garage and always use your home garage if you have one. If you’re driving, consider pulling under an underpass or park under a more covered area — in this case, trees are okay.

There are a variety of things that can quickly and easily ruin your car’s exterior from parking outside and extreme weather to birds and bugs! 

Preserve Your Car’s Exterior With Auto Dent Pros  

At Auto Dent Pros, we know hail damage all too well, but we have a solution for you! Instead of totaling your car or taking it to an auto body shop, we can repair minor dents and dings caused by hail and other road hazards such as rocks, debris, and even other cars! 

Don’t look at your car’s body damage any longer. We look forward to working with you!

Schedule a paintless dent removal service with Auto Dent Pros today!    

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