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Having been hit by hail, you don’t know what to do next, let Auto Dent Pros do what we do best — paintless dent removal! We’ll help you get back on the road with your original factory paint and safe, structurally sound vehicle by using our industry-leading hail damage repairs. Please follow these steps:

We can come to you for your free estimate

We pay your deductible up to $1,000

We provide a free rental car

Step 1: File a Claim

Submit hail damage claim with your auto insurance provider.

Or let Auto Dent Pros do it for you (take care of your claim & deductible assistance). You just need to inform your insurance company’s assigned claims adjuster that we are your repair shop of choice.

Step 2: Set up an appointment

Call Auto Dent Pros at 970.534.4081 or 1800.988.1840 to set up an appointment for your FREE auto hail damage evaluation. Our experts can come to your home, office, or other locations at NO COST or obligation. Your truck or car's damage will be appraised and your questions regarding our paintless dent removal process will be thoroughly answered.

Step 3: Arrange Vehicle Rental (Optional)

Unless you have a spare car, you’re probably going to need a rental vehicle.

  • If you have rental coverage on your insurance policy, this step is very simple.
  • If not, Auto Dent Pros will arrange a free rental car while we repair your vehicle.

Step 4: Drop off or Pick up for Repair

It depends on you to choose either dropping off your vehicle at our facility or scheduling a convenient time and location for Auto Dent Pros to pick up your hail damage vehicle to get repaired.

Step 5: Estimate and Repair Plan

When your vehicle arrives at our shop, our technicians will skillfully access the dent caused by hail through various points (even through window openings, removing headlights and tail lights, or wheel well openings). Then, we build a detailed repair plan based on industry standards and specialized auto hail damage software.

Step 6: Contact your Auto Claims Adjuster

Auto Dent Pros contact your adjuster to schedule an appraisal of your hail damaged vehicle at our shop. The adjuster and our technicians will go over the damage based on our technicians’ previous estimate and come up with the final report. Then, your insurance adjuster will “lock in” the numbers (hail damage, dents, or dings) and inform you when it is approved for repair.

Step 7: Repair

With the vast knowledge and many years of experience, our technicians know where the dent begins and ends. They also know how to use their PDR tools effectively to massage the metal and remove the dent, give your vehicle the original beautiful shape. Depending on the severity of the storm and the damage on your vehicle, repair times can vary.

Step 8: Return & Offer a Lifetime Warranty

In this last step, we wash your vehicle and schedule a convenient time to return it to your place or you can come to pick it up. Enjoy a lifetime warranty for your hail damage repair through Auto Dent Pros. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction

Auto Dent Pros is the premier paintless dent removal provider in the nation — find your local PDR repair shop! With certified and specialized PDR technicians, we can repair commercial, new, and pre-owned vehicles and save your car from unattractive hail damage!

When you partner with Auto Dent Pros, there is no down time! Forget having to disrupt your life because you don’t have a car! We can arrange a rental while your car is in our shop! And even, better, our PDR service timeframe is quick, so you’ll be back on the road and driving in no time!

Your car will leave our shop looking amazing! Because the paintless dent removal process works from the undercarriage of your car to smooth dents and dings caused by hail, it’s more convenient and cost effective than going the traditional auto body paint and repair route, in addition to taking less time. 

How are hail-damaged cars repaired?

We use a process known as paintless dent removal (PDR) that preserves the paint and mitigates any costly auto body restoration. This metalworking technique expertly massages out dents using special PDR instruments. Gentle pressure is applied to the outside, working its way inward until the original shape is restored.  

Get PDR to restore your car at Auto Dent pros today!

We will keep you updated every single step of the way so you can check the progress and status of your vehicle.

Contact Auto Dent Pros and we will massage your vehicle to its best original form!

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