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Industry Leading Hail Damage Repair!

Hail damage is a daily reminder that your car is slowly losing its resale value! Now is the time for hail damage repair to improve the look and value of your vehicle! Schedule with us today!

Partner with Auto Dent Pros for the leading services and the best customer care including:

  • Speedy response and vehicle turnaround time
  • Trained technicians in hail damage estimates
  • Strict repair guidelines
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Limited lifetime warranties on all dent repairs

Severe weather, especially hail, can ruin cars in minutes! Hail storms usher tiny frozen pellets that hit our cars, causing indentations throughout the body and leaving a burdensome reminder of the damage they caused long after the storm passes! 

Don’t let hail damage ruin your car (or get on your last nerve) and get the leading hail damage repair services from Auto Dent pros. 

Why choose Auto Dent Pros for hail damage repair?

Not only do we have the experience of working with individual clients, but we have the capacity to handle large dealership lots and fleet vehicles that have been impacted by hail. 

With experience working with insurance companies, we’re able to act quickly providing prompt dent removal services so you can get back to daily life in a dent-free car.  

With a brick and mortar location in your area, we also have a mobile hail catastrophe response team that is able to meet you where you are when it matters most — you get the same great technicians with amazing turn-around times. 

The Auto Dent Pros Paintless Dent Removal Approach

If you’re coming to us with minor hail damage dents and dings, we’ll restore your car with our [aintless dent removal process. This process forgoes the traditional method of auto body work for dent removal and applies specialized tools from the underside of your car to massage dents away, saving you time and money!

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